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Scoop spine board dimensions stretcher

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Scoop spine board dimensions stretcher

Multifunctional Rescue Stretcher YXH-1A6L    

Detailed Product Description:

 *Made of special composite plastic material.

*Small volume and light weight.

*Convenient to carry and easy to bend in deformation.

*Wide range of application.

*Used for fire emergency rescue, deep and narrow space, general assistance, high-altitude rescue ground, chemical accident rescue, horizontal or vertical lifting.

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Specifications for:

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Product Size 


Packing Size





 YXH-1A6L 244*92cm 35*35*92cm


-20°c ~ 45°c





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The Scoop spine board dimensions stretcher coming from XIEHE MEDICAL is the most recent enhancement because of their range of clinical devices. This could be an incredibly practical and reliable stretcher might be existing in dilemma circumstances like in ambulances or even in medical facilities. The Scoop spine board dimensions stretcher was produced towards relocate clients and additionally need spinal injuries injury situations. It really is made from high-density polyethylene and is produced towards endure the roughness of continuous use. The products utilized in its own building likewise creates it simple towards cleanse and maintain, ensuring it might be used for a very long time without deteriorating.

The stretcher includes a scoop style that assists towards protect the in-patient's spine to avoid additional trauma transfer. It likewise includes flexible move and footrests that might be quickly changed in the direction of the patient's convenience degree. The headrest was developed towards create optimum sustain the patient's move and throat, because of the truth footrest is flexible towards fit the individual's foot towards remain in a comfy setting transport. The XIEHE MEDICAL Scoop spine board dimensions stretcher is likewise geared up along with security belts that assist towards protect your customer in the direction of the stretcher throughout transfer.

The security belts are created of top-quality products that can quickly be durable and durable, creating specific they have the ability to maintain thoroughly the client protect at perpetuities. The stretcher is likewise offered along with a build-up of tires that can offer transport design soft. The Scoop spine board dimensions stretcher is created to become correctly utilized through clinical experts; therefore, it satisfies every one of the required high-top premiums. It is a flexible and extremely stretcher useful might be utilized towards transfer customers in a real variety of various circumstances. The stretcher is uncomplicated towards relocate, and its own very personal guarantees style that are light-weight might be brought quickly through clinical employees.


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