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Aluminum alloy trolley funeral church truck supplies equipment

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XH-5 Funeral Church Truck   


Detailed Product Description:

*Made of strong,rectangular,aluminum tube, this Church Trucks feature a protective,anodized finish that keeps the trucks looking bright and shiny-new as well as making them easy to clean.

*This model comes with convenient fold-out carrying handles.

*Theses enable the truck to navigate sills,curbs and other obstacles with easy ans are very convenient when climbing stairs at churches and mausoleums.

*The church truck locks in four positions,allowing a wide range of casket sizes to be displayed with one truck.

*The additional length also increases the stability and makes and attractive appearance.


Technical Features:


Grade Size

  Folded Size


Packing Size


Loading Bearing



One Grade


Two Grade


Three Grade














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Aluminum alloy trolley funeral church truck supplies equipment factory


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Introducing, the Aluminum alloy trolley funeral church truck supplies equipment from XIEHE MEDICAL, the ultimate equipment in transporting caskets during funeral services. Made of durable aluminum alloy, this trolley was built to last and can withstand hefty lots of bending or breaking. The sleek look adds a touch of beauty to any funeral procession.


This is incredibly lightweight, making it simple to maneuver even in narrow or crowded spaces. The 2 front wheels is very easy to turn around on corners or move around in tight spaces. The trolley's handles are also ergonomically created, providing a comfortable grip the user to push or pull the trolley with simplicity.


Additionally, it includes a sturdy reinforced base to support beams, ensuring greater security for the casket during transportation. The base was lined with an anti-slip mat that keeps the casket from sliding around or falling from the trolley.


Exactly what sets this apart from other funeral church trolley is its capability to fold up when not in use. This compact design makes it simple to keep in small spaces and save cost on transportation.


The XIEHE MEDICAL’s Aluminum alloy trolley funeral church truck supplies equipment is a good investment for funeral homes, churches, and any business that delivers funeral services. It is reliable, safe, and simple to utilize, making it the right addition to any funeral service.


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