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funeral equipment church truck Coffin Trolley XH-7

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Product Description


Coffin Trolley XH-7


Detailed Product Description:

*Made of stainless steel,strong and durable

*Flexible frame,light and easy to handle

*Length can be adjusted freely

*4 carrying handles


Technical Features:



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1.About Product:We use the environmental protection material ,All our items is easy to operate with each user manual

2. About Service:We will do the one-stop service for you, offer you the each step information with picture.You can contact us at 24hours by mail, phone, whatsapp, and others. We are always ready.

3. About Document: We can prepare the all documents for certificate,such as CIQ,certificate of original, FORM E,FORM A

4. About Market:Europe 20%,USA/10%, Africa:20%, Asia/25%, south America: 10% and others.

5. Our Team:Our team member, the average age is: 27.5. We are a passionate, , professional and responsible team.Our target is another “WHATSAPP”team in china.



The funeral equipment church truck Coffin Trolley XH-7 from XIEHE MEDICAL is a top-of -the-line equipment that each and every church needs. This elegant and sturdy trolley was built to safely transport and display coffins of most sizes during funeral services.


It was made of high-quality metal that can support a heavy lot without breaking or bending. Its sleek and simple design makes it very easy to work with, and its wheels make it easy to maneuver in tight spaces. The trolley's sturdy construction helps keep your funeral equipment secure and safe.


It was equipped with secure locking mechanisms that will stop the coffin from slipping or sliding to make certain that the coffin stays put during transport. This means that the coffin will stays in its spot and reduces the risk of harm or accidents during transport.


It is also versatile along with its durable design and secure locking. It is compatible with a wide variety of uses, including people that have different shapes and sizes. This allows it to be an excellent alternative to funeral houses, churches, and other organizations that want to address a variety of coffins.


The funeral equipment church truck Coffin Trolley XH-7 is an easy task to clean and keep maintaining. Its smooth and polished surface is resistant to stains and scratches, making it very easy to wipe with a damp cloth. This helps you save effort and time in keeping your funeral equipment constantly neat and well-maintained.


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