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Product Description



XHB-3 Hospital Bed


Technical Features:

1. Single manual crank bed
2. The headboard of  is made of steel flat pipes
3. The rocker is made of nylon, which can be folded
4. The crank system has extreme position protecting designing
5. The whole bed body is made of steel
6. The bottom of the bed legs are covered with protecting rubber
7. The back panel can be lifted up from 0° to 70° (±5°)
8. Integrated steel stamped frame is epoxy polyester powder coated and baked; and is resistant to chipping and scratching



Size: 1,950 x 920 x 530mm
 Angle of back section:0 ~ 70 degrees (±5 degrees)


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Company Information

1.About Product:We use the environmental protection material ,All our items is easy to operate with each user manual

2. About Service:We will do the one-stop service for you, offer you the each step information with picture.You can contact us at 24hours by mail, phone, whatsapp, and others. We are always ready.

3. About Document: We can prepare the all documents for certificate,such as CIQ,certificate of original, FORM E,FORM A

4. About Market:Europe 20%,USA/10%, Africa:20%, Asia/25%, south America: 10% and others.

5. Our Team:Our team member, the average age is: 27.5. We are a passionate, , professional and responsible team.Our target is another “WHATSAPP”team in china.



The Hospital Bed: Comfortable, Reliable, and Safe

Having an appropriate and Hospital reliable Bed necessary for patients who require in which to stay hospital for the extended period. The most effective options available on the market will be the Hospital Beds today. These beds offer both comfort and safety features made to keep patients feeling at simplicity.

With more than ten years of experience in providing quality medical equipment, XIEHE MEDICAL has established the Hospital perfect Bed. The XIEHE MEDICAL Hospital Bed is a high-quality item provides clients with comfort, safety, and convenience. Below are a few of the important thing’s top popular features of the product:

One of the most options essential come with a Hospital Bed is convenience, and the XIEHE MEDICAL Hospital Bed delivers it. The mattress and railings are created to provide patients with a comfortable experience their stay. The Hospital Bed has an adjustable backrest knee rest, and sleep height, which may be fixed by the patient or hospital staff, providing a customized and comfortable experience.

The XIEHE MEDICAL Hospital Bed is produced with high-quality materials that ensure its reliability. Its steel frame is sturdy and durable, ensuring patients' safety. The bed offers four caster wheels which make moving it around easy and convenient.

The bedrail design provides ample space counter patients from getting trapped or hurt in between your bars. The bed has secured features and a peaceful engine that ensures smooth and safe trend. This bed is built to last and can withstand regular usage wearing down.

The security of patients is a top priority because the XIEHE MEDICAL Hospital Bed was created with numerous security features. The sleep has sturdy side that prevent falls and keep patients safe. The bed includes a reliable locked braking into place when stationary. There are additionally a call bell and a steel IV pole included, ensuring the safety of patients and their visitors.

The XIEHE MEDICAL Hospital Bed is a top-of item-the-line provides key features essential for patients' complete comfort, safety, and reliability. The bed was designed to accommodate multiple patient’s needs, ensuring they may be comfortable throughout their stay.


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