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Manual suction /Manual sputum aspirator

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Product Description



  Vacuum after 1 minute at 20kPa vacuum:        ≥ 15 kPa

  Vacuum after 6 times suction:                  ≥ 20 kPa

  Vacuum (max):                                ≥ 39.9 kPa

  Disposable container volume :        300 ml

  External diameter of cap (suction port) :        17 mm

  External diameter of catheter connection :    17 mm and 9mm

  Stroke Adjustment :                          Turn to  50%  or 100%. .   

  Operating environmental temperature :            -20 to + 50

  Storage environmental temperature :        -40 to + 60

 Height of container and external diameter of bottom: 130mm and 70mm

  Net Weight :         230 grams

Unit package size: 21*19.4*7.9cm

N.W.: 0.44 kg

G.W.: 0.58 kg


Carton package size: 44*41*51cm/24pcs

N.W.: 10.56 kg

G.W.: 10.9 kg



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1.About Product: We use the environmental protection material; all our items are easy to operate with each user manual

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Looking for an effective product help mucus through the airways? Look no further than Manual suction /Manual sputum aspirator.

This Manual suction /Manual sputum aspirator supplies from XIEHE MEDICAL an uncomplicated solution the situation of mucus buildup into the airways, whether due to respiratory conditions like bronchitis or pneumonia, or simply just because of environmental facets like dust and pollution.

The XIEHE MEDICAL Manual suction /Manual sputum aspirator is a great option for anyone attempting to improve their respiration and all sorts of around health having its easy-to-use design and clear instructions. Listed below are just some of this product's key features:

- Durable construction: The Manual suction /Manual sputum aspirator is made from top-quality materials being developed to last, making sure it will probably provide dependable performance for a long time in the future.

- an easy task clean: Keeping the Manual suction /Manual sputum aspirator neat and hygienic is easy because of its easy-to design-disassemble and elements.

- an easy task to operate: Even if you're unfamiliar with medical equipment, the Manual suction /Manual sputum aspirator is uncomplicated to utilize as a result of its clear directions and intuitive design.

The XIEHE MEDICAL Manual suction /Manual sputum aspirator provides a level of health benefits for users these benefits. The goods can enhance breathing and get away from infection, reducing the chance of serious respiratory illnesses by helping clear mucus the airways.

The XIEHE MEDICAL Manual suction /Manual sputum aspirator is a great choice If you are considering a simple, effective item that will help improve your respiratory health insurance and total wellbeing. with its uncomplicated design and high-quality construction, it is a reliable and effective device that you can count on for decades as time goes by.


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