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Medical neck collar cervical

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Cervical Collar XH-17


Specification of cervical collar xh-17    

Detailed Product Description:

1. Soft foam is slightly contoured for a comfortable fit.

2. Covered with 100% cotton stockinet and a Velcro closure.

3. Loop contact closures for easier use

4. Available in low and medium and high density of foam

5. Adjustable size designed for using on a wide range of patients.

6. The foam cervical collar is used for cervical injuries requiring non-rigid support and limited mobility.

7.May also be used as an aid for the relief of pain associated with neck muscle spasms or whiplash injuries.


Technical Features: 

1) Product Size: 57 x 18cm

2) Packing size (50pcs/carton): 60×40×30cm









(50 pcs)







Product Description


XH-17-1.jpgXH-17-2.jpgXH-17-2.jpgXH-17-3  .jpgXH-17-5.jpgXH-17-6.jpg2.jpg







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The Medical neck collar cervical is simply a people tool that are highly effective with neck discomfort. This medical product built to provide much-needed support into the neck therefore the upper spine area by limiting their movement.

The Medical neck collar cervical is created of top-quality materials, offering both comfort and durability. It is actually built to fit different neck, which range from small to big, and can be adjusted to attain the proper degree of support. The collar also is sold with a velcro strap rendering it quite easy to put up and take down as required.

You relief if you suffer from neck pain due to an accident, whiplash, or other health conditions, the XIEHE MEDICAL Medical neck collar cervical could possibly offer. It helps to stabilize the neck and prevent further damage giving it the assistance it entails. Wearing this neck collar is very very theraputic for individuals coping with a neck surgery or injury. The support it offers can speed the healing process up, thereby decreasing the time it requires to recuperate.

The Medical neck collar cervical also provides other benefits beyond pain management. It will also help to boost position by decreasing the strain on the relative mind and neck. It may be properly used to simply assist in preventing long-term neck such as joint disease and lean muscle mass spasms.

One of several items that are excellent the XIEHE MEDICAL Medical neck collar cervical is its flexibility. It might be used in a variety of situations, such as when driving, sitting for very long periods, or sleeping. It makes activities which may be daily comfortable and less painful for anyone with neck dilemmas.

The XIEHE MEDICAL Medical neck collar cervical can be an affordable solution individuals who suffer with throat pain. It is actually durable, comfortable, and highly effective in providing support where it is needed. It is a medical tool can dramatically improve the quality of life for folks coping with throat pain.


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