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XHE-8000A/D Defibrillator

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XHE-8000A/D Defibrillator factory


XHE-8000A (Monophasic)

Detailed Product Description·Non-synchronizer: External defibrillation.

·Energy. 0,3,5,7,10,20,30, 50,100, 200,300,360 joule.·Charging time: At 360J less than 10 sec.

- Paddle options: Reusable extermal adult and pediatric paddles.

·Operates from the mains (AC) and with its intemal Lead-acid battery (optional li-ion battery).


XHE-8000D (Biphsic)

Detailed Product Description


·ECG lead: ,I1 IlI, AVR, AVL,AVF,V1-V6.

·Protegtion:withstand 4000V AV/50Hz voltage in isolation and work against ,· electrosurgical interence and defibrillation.

·ECG lead/cable: general lead/cable for adult, pediatric and neonatal patients.


·Defibrillator type Manual, Synchronized,Asynchronized.Out put wave form Monophasic or Biphasic.

·Energy accuracy <+1%.

·Energy selection 0,3,5,7,10, 20,30,50,100,200,300,360 joule(nominal at a resistance of 50).·Charging time Maximum 8 seconds to 360 Joules.

·Standard Adult / Pediatric Paddles Reusable extermal adult paddles(pediatric paddles integrated) 7" TFT display.

Technical Data


Product Size (L x W x H)

Packing Size

(1 pc)

Main Unit N.W.(1 pc ) G.W.
XHE-8000A 320x205x410mm 540x450x370mm portable 9.0kg 11.5kg
XHE-8000D 320x210x410mm 540x540x370mm ------ 11.5kg 16kg
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XHE-8000A/D Defibrillator factory

XHE-8000A/D Defibrillator detailsXHE-8000A/D Defibrillator manufactureXHE-8000A/D Defibrillator supplierXHE-8000A/D Defibrillator supplierXHE-8000A/D Defibrillator factory


1.About Product:We use the environmental protection material ,All our items is easy to operate with each user manual

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XHE-8000A/D Defibrillator details


The XIEHE MEDICAL’s aluminum alloy stretcher dimensions is exactly what you need to respond to any emergency situation. This product was carefully designed to provide maximum support and comfort when transporting patients for medical purposes. The stretcher has dimensions of 190cm by 54cm by 88cm, which makes it perfect for a wide range of patient sizes.


One of the most outstanding features that set it aside from other products in the market is its premium quality. The stretcher was made utilizing top-notch aluminum which is both lightweight and sturdy. This ensures it can effortlessly support clients of up to 180 kilograms while withstanding years of usage without any wear and tear.


It was built with all your needs to safely and easily transport patients. Its adjustable backrest and leg remainder make certain that patients will be in the most comfortable position while transportation. The stretcher also comes with two side-rails that can be placed up or down according to the demands of the situation.


It also features a foldable and detachable headrest which is easy to get rid of during emergencies. This feature allows medical personnel to offer better access to your client's airways and neck area in the event of an emergency. The stretcher also has four-inch silent wheels that can move smoothly and with precision, ensuring that there are no jarrings or discomfort to the patient during transport.


One of the main concerns in emergency situations is the ease of use of gear. This was made for ease of use, even yet in high-pressure situations. The stretcher is sold with a locking mechanism that ensures that the stretcher is stable when not in motion. This feature assists in easing the risk of injury by ensuring that the stretcher will not move when not used.


It is compact and not hard to store. Its foldable design ensures that it will take up minimal area to store. This particular feature is especially important in emergency situations where space is a major consideration. The stretcher is easy to clean and keep, which really helps to guarantee that it remains prepared and hygienic all the time.


The XIEHE MEDICAL’s aluminum alloy stretcher dimensions is a valuable addition to any medical emergency facility. Its premium quality, ease of use, and comfort features make it an ideal choice for responding to any emergency situation. Choose XIEHE MEDICAL for your medical needs today and experience the best in medical equipment.


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