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YXH-3E2 Multifunctional Used Mortuary Folding Stretcher For Ambulance

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YXH-3E2 Multifunctional Used Mortuary Folding Stretcher For Ambulance details


Detailed Product Description:

This automatic loading stretcher is our latest products; it is made of high-strength aluminum alloy thick-wall pipes. The bed surface is made of foamed cushion and the adjustable back, making the wounded feel comfortable. This machine is very convenient; one person is enough to send the patient (with this stretcher) to the ambulance car. The folding legs are controlled by the handles on both ends of the stretcher. Also the stretcher can be locked by the fixing devices when on the ambulance car. Furthermore, the stretcher adopts structure that stretcher can be separated from stretcher trolley. This type of stretcher is characterized by its light weight, safe usage and easy for sterilization. 

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YXH-3E2 Multifunctional Used Mortuary Folding Stretcher For Ambulance manufacture



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1.About Product: We use the environmental protection material, all our items is easy to operate with each user manual

2. About Service: We will do the one-stop service for you, offer you each step information with picture. You can contact us at 24hours by mail, phone, WhatsApp, and others. We are always ready.

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5. Our Team: Our team member, the average age is: 27.5. We are a passionate, , professional and responsible team. Our target is another “WHATSAPP “team in China.


The multifunctional used mortuary folding stretcher for ambulance is an essential tool for anybody who works in the medical field. This stretcher is designed to be used in many different situations, from transporting patients from the scene of an accident into the hospital, to going bodies the mortuary. It is manufactured out of top-notch materials, making sure its strong and durable, while additionally being lightweight and simple to move.

One of many options key come because of the XIEHE MEDICAL multifunctional used mortuary folding stretcher for ambulance is its ability to fold up into a compact size. This makes it simple to store when you look at the general back of an ambulance or any other crisis vehicle, and this can be essential when space is fixed. When needed, the stretcher can be quickly unfolded and assembled, allowing for a smooth and efficient transfer of or bodies.


Another very feature important of multifunctional used mortuary folding stretcher for ambulance is its versatility. It can be utilized being a transporting stretcher regular that will always be alive, or it could be changed into a mortuary stretcher for transporting deceased individuals. It may be adjusted to angles that could be different heights, rendering it perfect for use within an assortment of environments.

The XIEHE MEDICAL multifunctional used mortuary folding stretcher for ambulance is made with safety at heart. It gives a protected locking that ensures that the stretcher remains in spot when it's getting used, cared for has a number of security straps and buckles to keep patients or bodies securely in place during transport.


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