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YXH-6C Stainless Hot Rescue Basket Stretcher

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Product Description

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Detailed Product Description: 

The stretcher is made with an eye on a very wide range of special emergency situations, such as in the mountains, air and at sea .It is sturdy and flexible to use Its quick reliable fittings enable first-aid person to operate it rapidly and safely. With its special sling equipment, the stretcher is ideal for lifted and transported by helicopter. With safety belts and mattress. It is made of stainless tube and net, it will not rust and potentially cause additional harm to the patient. It is stronger than common basket stretcher. It can be used together with the spine boards. 



Product Size 


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 YXH-6C  218*62*20cm  220*65*24cm






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YXH-6C Stainless Hot Rescue Basket Stretcher supplier


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1.About Product:We use the environmental protection material ,All our items is easy to operate with each user manual

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In search of a dependable and durable stretcher rescue operation? Look at the YXH-6C Hot Rescue Basket Stretcher for sale from XIEHE MEDICAL. 

Constructed with top-quality materials and expert craftsmanship, this stretcher is built to withstand probably the rescue toughest situations. The YXH-6C Hot Rescue Basket Stretcher for sale will assist you to finish the same job safely and effectively whether you are transporting hurt clients from the disaster area or performing a search-and-rescue mission into the wilderness. 

Among the key top options that come with this stretcher is its sturdy, lightweight construction. Created from a combination of high-strength aluminum metal and stainless alloy, the YXH-6C Hot Rescue Basket Stretcher for sale is not difficult to transport and maneuver, even in tight spaces. Its compact design also allows you to move and keep if not in use. 

Another important feature of the stretcher is its innovative design. The YXH-6C Hot Rescue Basket Stretcher for sale features a "design basket exclusive you with exceptional support and security for patients during transport. This design additionally allows for fast access into the patient from any angle, rendering it perfect for use in cramped or difficult rescue. 

The YXH-6C Hot Rescue Basket Stretcher for sale may be constructed with security in your mind along with its sturdy construction and innovative design. It features an amount of safety features, including strengthened handles for secure and easy lifting sturdy locking mechanisms to prevent accidental launch, and a non-slip area to make sure the patient remains stable during transportation. 


The YXH-6C Hot Rescue Basket Stretcher for sale from XIEHE MEDICAL is an essential device for just about any crisis response team whether you're a professional rescuer or a volunteer. This stretcher is sure to save your everyday lives and bring clients to safety having its durable construction, innovative design, and advanced safety features. 

So just why wait? Order your today that a YXH-6C Hot Rescue Basket Stretcher for sale and the quality and durability of XIEHE MEDICAL items by yourself. 


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