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YXH-9A Emergency Rescue Air Splints

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Product Description


YXH-9A Emergency Rescue Air Splints  details YXH-9A Emergency Rescue Air Splints  factoryYXH-9A Emergency Rescue Air Splints  manufactureYXH-9A Emergency Rescue Air Splints  details

Detailed Product Description: 

This multifunctional nursing splint can be used for both the left and right limbs at same time.

The kit including : full leg, half leg, foot and ankle, full arm, half arm, hand and wrist.

It is made of leather.

The splints are suitable for X-ray and MRI.

Model Packing Size N.W.(10 sets) G.W.(10 sets)


(10 sets)

12KG 13KG

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YXH-9A Emergency Rescue Air Splints  manufacture

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1.About Product:We use the environmental protection material ,All our items is easy to operate with each user manual

2. About Service:We will do the one-stop service for you, offer you the each step information with picture.You can contact us at 24hours by mail, phone, whatsapp, and others. We are always ready.

3. About Document: We can prepare the all documents for certificate,such as CIQ,certificate of original, FORM E,FORM A

4. About Market:Europe 20%,USA/10%, Africa:20%, Asia/25%, south America: 10% and others.

5. Our Team:Our team member, the average age is: 27.5. We are a passionate, , professional and responsible team.Our target is another “WHATSAPP”team in china.




The First Aid Splint Kit by XIEHE MEDICAL is simply a must-have for anyone who desires a dependable and easy-to crisis-medical use. A sports enthusiast, or simply a physician, this splint kit is perfect you can be an outdoor adventurer for you whether.

The XIEHE MEDICAL First Aid Splint Kit is made from top-notch materials being meant to withstand the rigors of everyday usage. The splint is manufactured out of an aluminum and durable lightweight easy to adjust to fit any size limb. The splint additionally has a padded foam liner that adds comfort and protection to your injured neighborhood.

The XIEHE MEDICAL First Aid Splint Kit also includes many other useful things along using the splint. The kit comes with a couple of medical perfect scissors for slicing through clothing along with other materials to get into the injury. In addition includes a roll of adhesive tape which you can use to secure the splint in place or to dress the wound.

The XIEHE MEDICAL First Aid Splint Kit is also sold with an emergency top-notch blanket. This blanket is made of a durable and waterproof product can offer warmth and security in extreme conditions. The blanket also includes a reflective surface can be utilized to signal for help with an urgent situation.

The XIEHE MEDICAL First Aid Splint Kit can be quite simple to store and transport. The kit will come in a compact and lightweight instance is carrying can be easily stored in a backpack, gym bag, or car trunk. This will make it effortless to take you choose you anywhere.


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