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The Benefits of Using a Paramedics Stretcher 


A paramedics stretcher is an innovative equipment used by emergency medical service (EMS) personnel to carry and transport patients to hospitals. It is designed to ensure the safety and comfort of patients, as well as the convenience of EMS providers. We will discuss the advantages, innovation, safety, use, and application of XIEHE MEDICAL paramedics stretcher.


Using a paramedics stretcher provides several benefits, such as ease of movement, increased safety, and improved patient comfort. The stretcher has wheels that allow EMS personnel to move patients quickly and efficiently without causing additional pain or discomfort. Moreover, the XIEHE MEDICAL rescue basket stretcher can be adjusted to accommodate different patient sizes and conditions, which makes it more versatile than traditional stretchers.

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How to Use:

To use a paramedics stretcher, EMS providers need to follow certain guidelines and procedures. The following are the steps for using a manual XIEHE MEDICAL ambulance stretcher

1. Place the stretcher close to the patient and lock the wheels. 

2. Assess the patient's condition and decide which position is suitable. 

3. Align the stretcher with the hospital bed and unlock the wheels. 

4. Raise the bed height. 

5. Place a board under the patient and transfer him/her to the stretcher. 

6. Secure the patient on the stretcher using the restraint system. 

7. Adjust the stretcher height to the ambulance gurney's level. 

8. Lock the wheels and transfer the stretcher to the ambulance.


A paramedics stretcher requires regular maintenance and servicing to remain effective and efficient. EMS providers need to conduct routine checks and inspections to ensure that all the components are working correctly. Moreover, if the XIEHE MEDICAL folding stretcher experiences any issues or malfunctions, it should be repaired immediately to avoid compromising patient safety.


The quality of a paramedic’s stretcher is crucial in ensuring the safety and comfort of patients and EMS providers. When purchasing a XIEHE MEDICAL aluminium scoop stretcher, it is essential to consider the manufacturer's reputation, certification, and customer reviews. A quality stretcher should be durable, reliable, and easy to use.

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