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Emergency stair

Why emergency stair is important

As you may know, emergency stair is an important tool for staying safe in emergency situations.  XIEHE MEDICAL emergency stair is a specially designed staircase that helps people to escape from buildings when there is a fire, earthquake, flood, or any other unexpected events. Emergency stairs are crucial because they can help save people's lives and prevent injuries. we will discuss its advantages and how it works.


Advantages of emergency stair

Emergency stair has several advantages. Firstly, XIEHE MEDICAL emergency stair wheelchair is more accessible than elevators, which usually shut down in the event of an emergency. This is because emergency stairs are designed to withstand disasters and are equipped with safety features that prevent accidents. Secondly, emergency stair is safer than regular stairs in an emergency situation. This is because it has wider steps that are slip-resistant, making it easier for people to escape quickly and safely. Thirdly, emergency stair is more economical than other safety devices. It is a one-time investment that can last for years.


Why choose XIEHE MEDICAL Emergency stair?

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