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Evacuation chair for stairs




 What is an Evacuation Chair for Stairs? 

An evacuation chair for stairs is a device used to transport people with disabilities, injured or elderly individuals safely down the stairs in times of an emergency. The XIEHE MEDICAL evacuation chair for stairs is designed in a way that it can be easily moved down the stairs, without causing injury to the person who is being evacuated.


Advantages of Evacuation Chair for Stairs

Evacuation chairs offer several advantages over other forms of evacuation methods.  XIEHE MEDICAL evacuation stretcher are lightweight and easy to man oeuvre, making them suitable to use in diverse emergency situations. 

Another advantage of the evacuation chair is that it requires minimal space to store, making it a perfect choice for locations with tight spaces. It is also designed to help reduce the impact of stairs on the human body, making the transportation process less strenuous.


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