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Long spine board dan scoop stretcher

Long spine board and scoop stretcher is the life-saving tools you need.


The patient's spine and body can prevent moving with the help of the long spine board and scoop stretcher. Both are intended to keep the patient still and steady them when transferred, lowering the possibility of harm. The long spine board made by XIEHE MEDICAL suit for use in emergency scenarios since it can allow different body sizes and weights.

Why choose XIEHE MEDICAL Long spine board dan scoop stretcher?

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How to Use:

It's serious to know how to use the scoop stretcher and long spine board. Place the patient on the long spine board and fasten the head, neck, and body with straps. Making a stable position of the head and neck is vital to stop spinal injuries. With supported in a laying position and ready for transportation, the patient scoop stretcher manufactured by XIEHE MEDICAL is extended, placed on either side of the patient, and fastened with straps. Proper training to guarantee that the device is used in correct way.

Service and Quality:

Consideration for saving equipment is quality. Quality materials are used in making a long spine board and scoop stretcher created by XIEHE MEDICAL, which are intended to stand severe emergency. To guarantee that these devices function in proper way, regular maintenance is necessary.

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