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Patient scoop stretcher

The Safe and Convenient Patient Scoop Stretcher for Medical Emergencies

Introduction: Have you ever thought about what happens when someone gets injured or needs medical assistance? Emergency services providers use different types of medical equipment to transport patients safely to the hospital, and one such equipment is the patient scoop stretcher, as well as the XIEHE MEDICAL's long spine board dan scoop stretcher. It is a secure, innovative, and easy-to-use device designed to make medical transportation safe and convenient.


The patient scoop stretcher has several advantages over traditional stretchers, the same as evacuation stretcher from XIEHE MEDICAL. It is lightweight and easy to maneuver, which makes it convenient for emergency situations. Its scoop shape allows medical providers to transfer patients quickly without requiring them to twist their back or neck. The stretcher's locking system ensures the safety and stability of the patient while on board, especially on rough terrains.

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Service and Quality:

The patient scoop stretcher is a high-quality medical device that undergoes strict quality checks before reaching the market, the same as stretcher basket type manufactured by XIEHE MEDICAL. Medical providers must ensure that they purchase the device from a reputable supplier to guarantee it is quality. Most suppliers offer customer service and technical support in case of any issues or inquiries regarding the stretcher.

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